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Chapter 44: Being Kidnapped by the Waves

…It feels like it’s shaking…and it’s kind of warm…

I slowly opened my eyelids, feeling s strange sensation in my body.

Then I saw a beautiful white object reflected in my blurred gaze, which was still blurry.

…What is this?

I touched the white thing in a daze as I did so.

Wow! Smooth to touch…feels so good…

As I continued to touch it in a daze, feeling its softness, my hand was suddenly grabbed by something, and when it was removed from the white object, something soft touched my palm with a tutting sound.


I blinked my eyes a few times as if to see what the hell was going on and looked at my hand and opened my eyes.


At the end of my gaze, I saw Prince Alfeld staring at me with his lips pressed against my palm as he grabbed my hand. I was frozen in surprise.

“Ah, Prince Alfeld!?”

“Hey, you’re finally awake.”

“What? Huh? Why!?”

Upset by this unfamiliar situation, I hurriedly took my hand back from Prince Alfeld.

But then I noticed the distance between me and Prince Alfeld and hurriedly checked my situation. I found myself sitting cross-legged in the arms of Prince Alfeld.

“Hey, what is this situation!?”

I hurriedly moved away from Prince Alfeld while involuntarily palpitating in spite of the impossible position, but for some reason I was dizzy and could not move as I wanted.

“You should not force yourself to move your body just yet, because the potion doesn’t seem to be out of your system yet.”


While holding my swaying head in my hand, I asked Prince Alfeld again, firmly hugged by him.

“Yes, I served you that tea with my country’s secret sleeping potion.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t have any side effects.”

I was stunned to see Prince Alfeld smiling bewitchingly with a smile on his cheeks as he said that.

“Hey, why did you do that to me!?”

“To kidnap you to my country, of course.”


“It was likely that Cecilia would go out of my reach if I didn’t, so I made the first move and kidnapped her.”

“No, I don’t understand why!?”

“…Cecilia, didn’t Kaiser confess to you in the courtyard of that ball?”

“Huh? Did you see it!?”

“…and the part where Kaiser took Cecilia’s lips away.”


Prince Alfeld lost his expression and stared at me intently, tracing his beautiful fingertips over my lips.

At that moment, the memory of being kissed by Kaiser and the lustrous touch of Prince Alfeld made my face heat up and I froze again.

But then I suddenly noticed that Prince Alfeld was taking off the scarf he always wore on his head.

…I thought I felt something strange from a while ago, because I could see all of Prince Alfeld’s hair…Oh, that white and comfortable thing was Prince Alfeld’s hair…

I was so vaguely aware of the identity of the thing I was touching earlier, that I was convinced by myself.

And because of that, I was late in realizing that Prince Alfeld’s face was getting closer and closer.

“Eh? Prince Alfeld, you face is kind of close to…Mmmph!”

I screamed in confusion at how close I was to him, and Prince Alfeld’s lips closed on mine.

What? Why am I being kissed by Prince Alfeld!?

The suddenness of this was so upsetting to me that I still tried to move my face to get away from Prince Alfeld, but his hand, which had just touched my lips, held my cheek firmly in place and prevented me from moving my face.


I let out a snarl of protest as my lips were covered, but he didn’t seem to stop at all.

Instead, he was pushing me harder, changing his angle.

Gah, this isn’t at all like it was with Kaiser! Kissing can be like this!?

I was bewildered by the experience, but the potion made my body weak, and I was forced to continue receiving Prince Alfeld’s kisses.

I had been holding my lips closed for so long that it was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe, when Prince Alfeld finally let go of my lips.

“Ha-ha-hahhh…Prince Alfeld, why did you…”

“That’s because I like Cecilia.”

“…What? Like?”

“Yes, of course I don’t like you as a friend, I like you as the opposite sex…my love.”

Prince Alfeld smiled lovingly as he said that and gently stroked my cheek.

“Huh? I—I’m not Nina, okay!?”

“…I’ve been thinking this for a while now, but why do you think I like Nina?”

“Eh? Because you’re a capture target…”

“Capture target?”

“No, no! It’s nothing!…Because Nina is cute, and she’s got a sweet personality and is a very nice girl, that I’m sure every man would love, right?”

“…Well, I didn’t hate Nina. I mean, she’ a friend. But…don’t you realize that in terms of being a cute, kind, good-natured girl, Cecilia fits the bill too?”

“Huh? Me?”

“…Unaware. Cecilia, you should be aware that you’re a very attractive woman.”

Prince Alfeld scooped a tuft of my hair with a bitter smile and dropped a kiss there.


“Does this show you that my feelings are real?”


“Well, Cecilia doesn’t have veto power, though.”


“Because…you are going to marry me in my own country.”

“I mean…what? Marriage!?”

“Yes, it’s a marriage. I’ve already informed my country in advance, so they’ve already made the preparations ahead of time. The only thing left to do is to wait for us to arrive in the country.”

“No, no! I’m not going to marry Prince Alfeld!”

“I’ll heal you.”


I couldn’t think straight and stared at Prince Alfeld in front of me, but then I suddenly realized what was happening and looked around.

I’ve been feeling this swaying for a while now, and even more faintly, I hear the sound of waves…no way!

I looked around the room and found the only round window, and with all my strength, I managed to get out of the Prince Alfeld’s arms and crawl to the window.

I was astonished when I looked out the window.

“No way…”

All that could be seen from the window was the sea, glistening in the sunlight.

I put my face close to the window and looked around, but there was no land, not even an island.

I felt my blood rush to the surface and turned around to see Prince Alfeld, who was sitting elegantly on a large cushion, smiling at me.

“Prince Alfeld…how long have I been sleeping?”

“I think it’s been a day and a half, maybe.”

“A day and a half!?”

“I left as soon as I put Cecilia to sleep, and we left as soon as we reached the port. Land is already a long ways away.”

“Oh no, that’s…But if you were leaving the castle with me, why didn’t someone stop you?”

“I put the sleeping Cecilia in a wardrobe I’d prepared for her and had her brought in. I’m sure no one saw me take you out. And the most troublesome one of all, Kaiser, chose a day to go out on official business and decided to leave, so he won’t be coming after you right away.”

“Kaiser…huh! That’s right! I’m Kaiser’s fiancée, remember? I can’t marry Prince Alfeld in the first place!”

“…Still engaged…Then whoever marries first wins, right? And…because it’s Cecilia, you know who my ancestors were originally, right?”


“Yes. And if you want something, you have to take it, even if you have to take it away. That’s our family motto.”

Prince Alfeld grinned at this.

I stared at Prince Alfeld in a daze and looked into the ocean again from the window.

By the way, don’t think about jumping back into the sea. There are man-eating sharks living in these waters, so Cecilia will be eaten in no time at all.


At the same time as Prince Alfeld’s words, I saw a large shark’s dorsal fin on the surface of the sea that I could see through the window, and I let out a small scream as the blood drained from my face all at once.

Cecilia’s ending on Prince Alfeld’s route was…being eaten by sharks. Ahhh!!

I was remembering this and trembling a little when suddenly I was lifted up.

“Ah, Prince Alfeld!?”

“We can’t have you stay here forever and get cold, can we? Let’s go over there.”

“No, no, please put me down!”


Then I was picked up by Prince Alfeld and returned to the original cushion spot, and was once again held in his arms as I was seated between Prince Alfeld’s legs.

“Please let go!”

“But you still can’t sit on your own without my support, can you?”

“Yeah, maybe so…but this position is indeed embarrassing!”

“Cecilia is even cute when she’s shy.”


“But I’m not going to let you go.”

“Ugh…Prince Alfeld, please, please let me go home!”

“No matter how much I love you Cecilia, I can’t obey that request.”


Still, when I begged Prince Alfeld with a serious look on my face, he set his eyes down and stared into mine.

“…Do you really want to go home and marry Kaiser so badly?”


“You’ve heard of Kaiser’s feelings. So if you return, you’ll be Kaiser’s fiancée, and you’ll be married to Kaiser as it is.”


The words of Prince Alfeld reminded me of Kaiser’s confession.

That’s true…The fact that Kaiser liked me without choosing Nina means that unless something happens, I, as his fiancée, will inevitably be confirmed to marry Kaiser as it is…But do I really think I can marry Kaiser…or Prince Alfeld?

I put my hand to my chest and tried to think it out, but I couldn’t come up with any answers.

To be honest, I was so focused on supporting Nina’s love and avoiding the death flag that I was completely out of touch with my own love life.

That’s why I hadn’t noticed the feelings of Kaiser or Prince Alfeld until now.

“Well, even so, I have no intention of returning Cecilia to Kaiser at all.”

“Prince Alfeld…”

“I promise you that I will make you happy, Cecilia.

“…Hey, Prince Alfeld, since when did you…well…like me?”

“Oh, it was that time when I first visited the Kingdom of Beizelm, when I spoke with Cecilia in the hallway facing the courtyard.”

“What? At the time!?”

“At that time, I fell in love with Cecilia, who thought differently from other women gave me her opinion.”

“Uh, really?”

I was reminiscing about my past when I was supposed to talk with Prince Alfeld alone with a voice of surprise.

Seriously…the death flag was broken at that time, but the love flag was set instead…

With that in mind, I regretted my past actions and let out a big sigh that sagged in my gut.


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