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Chapter 43: Tea Ceremony

I rushed back to my room, and Dahlia was surprised to see that I was acting strangely, but I told her I was going to sleep and jumped straight into my bed.

And as soon as I was dressed, I crawled into bed and put a pillow over my head and groaned.

Why, why, why!? How did that happen!? Kaiser loves me…I can’t believe it! I’m not a heroine! But he kissed me…Ukyaaaa! It’s the first kiss in my current and previous life combined! Kissing is like that…

I unconsciously touched my lips, remembering that kiss with Kaiser.


The touch of Kaiser’s lips came back to me vividly, and I shook my head hard, my face heating up as I quickly pulled my hand away and tried to let the memory fly.

Don’t remember! Don’t remember! More importantly…why is Kaiser choosing me and not Nina? Because in the game, Cecilia was never portrayed as being liked by Kaiser, even though she basically ended up being killed by the capture target! What the hell is going on with this!?

I was confused by the development of the situation, which did not exist in the game, and I kept asking myself questions in circles, but I couldn’t find any answers.

And after thinking about many things all night long, I developed a fever and ended up falling asleep for a while.

Incidentally, while I was in bed, everyone tried to come and visit me, but I asked Dahlia to refuse them all. In particular, I asked her not to let Kaiser pass through.

And so, about five days after that Harvest Festival ball, I finally recovered enough to move around.

“Ahhhh, my body hurts from sleeping so much…”

As I said this, I sat down on a chair in the living room and stretched out and relaxed my body, which wasn’t quite in good shape yet.

…I didn’t really understand the whole Kaiser thing, no matter how much I thought about it, after all…but well, it’s still Nina’s game now, so let’s put the Kaiser thing on hold for now. Because…I don’t know who Nina is choosing yet, and maybe if Nina chooses Kaiser, there’s a chance that Kaiser will change his mind if she chooses him. I can’t make a mistake if that happens.

So I decided to force a conclusion in my mind.

But even so, I didn’t know how I should behave when I met Kaiser, and in the end I couldn’t find the courage to leave my room.

Just then, there was a knock on the door of the room, followed by a maidservant coming into the room.

…Huh? She’s Prince Alfeld’s maid, right?

I looked at the maid’s face and remembered how she sometimes took care of him when I used to followed Prince Alfeld from time to time.

“I am sorry, Lady Cecilia, for disturbing you.”

“No, no, I don’t mind. More importantly, what is wrong?”

“I am here to deliver a message to Lady Cecilia from Prince Alfeld.”

“A message?”

“Yes. Prince Alfeld wishes to speak to Lady Cecilia, and he would very much like you to come to his room.”

“What’s the story? Hmmm…what is this?…Well, I’ll find out if I go there. Then please tell Prince Alfeld that I will be there when I am ready.”


Then the maidservant heard my reply and bowed to me before leaving the room.

“Then Dahlia, please help me change my clothes.”

“Yes, my lady. But…are you feeling well now? You weren’t going to leave the room until your fever came down, so…”

“Ahhhh yes. Well…my body is fine now. I was just wondering what I should do if I left the room and bumped into him…”

“…Who would you rather not meet?”


“…Prince Kaiser will be out on official business today until the evening.”


I was surprised by Dahlia’s words, and when I looked at Dahlia, she stared at me silently.

I’m sure she could tell by the way she looked at me that something was probably going on with Kaiser.

I smiled wryly at Dahlia and thanked her for not asking any more questions, and after getting her to help me change, I went to Prince Alfeld’s room.


When I arrived in front of Prince Alfeld’s room, I knocked on the closed door and called out to him as I went inside.

Immediately the door was opened from the inside and I was greeted directly by Prince Alfeld with a smile.

But when I entered the room, I blinked.

“Huh? It seems like there isn’t much luggage…”

I muttered to myself and was surprised at how much the room had changed from the one I’d come and seen a few times.

“Hey Cecilia, I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Oh, thank you, Prince Alfeld, for your sympathy.”

“No, don’t worry about it. More importantly, are you feeling okay now?”

“Yes! I’m totally fine now!…And more importantly, is your room somehow less filled?”

“Yeah, I invited Cecilia over for something related to that. If you’d like, we can go over to the other side of the room and have a cup of tea and talk.”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

And so he and Prince Alfeld moved into the parlor next to the living room.

“Come, sit down.”

“Oh, yes.”

At Prince Alfeld’s urging, I sat down on a couch in the parlor.

Then Prince Alfeld approached a tea cup prepared in the corner of the room and began to make his own tea.

“Huh? Will Prince Alfeld make it?”

“Yes, this is a tea specially ordered from my country, so I’m the only one who can make it.”


As I said this, I suddenly realized that there was no one here except Prince Alfeld.

“Huh? Aren’t there any maids or anything like that?”

“Oh, I’ve asked for another job from them, so I don’t have anyone else right now.”

“You must be busy.”

“I decided on a moment’s notice, and I’m having them prepare for me in a hurry.”

“Did you decide something all of a sudden?”

“That’s what I’m going to tell you. First of all, have a drink first.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Prince Alfeld placed a cup of tea on the desk in front of me, so I thanked him and took the cup and took a sip of that tea.

“…Wow, it’s delicious! The fragrant scent goes through your nose and a subtle sweet taste spreads in your mouth!”

“I’m glad you like it. There are still more refills to come, so feel free to have a drink.”

With a smile on my face, I drank the tea that Prince Alfeld recommended.

As he watched me, he smiled seductively and poured me a fresh cup of tea.

He sat down on the couch across from me and finally I listened to what he had to say.

“So what’s the story?”

“Oh, actually, I’m…I’m going back to my country.”


“I’m sorry to surprise you on such short notice.”

“Hey, that’s really fast. But why is that?”

“…Didn’t I tell you my palace was finished?”


“Well, I was mostly satisfied with my tour of the Celestial Maiden, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to go back to my country and live in that palace.”

“Is that so…I’m going to miss you.”

“You’ll feel lonely, won’t you?”

“Of course! Oh, did you talk to Nina about this?”

“Why is this limited to Nina? Well, okay…I mean, I’ve told everyone but Cecilia. It’s just that Cecilia was asleep during that time, so I couldn’t talk to her.”

“…By the way, did Nina ever say anything to you?”

“As I recall…Nina said she would miss me too. Well, she soon took care of herself and sent me off with a smile to take care and be well.”

“Is that so…”

Hearing that Prince Alfeld’s words, I was convinced.

Ahh, this isn’t in the Prince Alfeld route by any means. As I recall, in the game, Prince Alfeld’s return to the country happened when he entered the other capturer target’s route…then who is Nina choosing?

I thought so, and I was still confused by this situation, not knowing who Nina would choose.

“Cecilia, what’s wrong?”

“No, no, it’s nothing! Oh, by the way, I hadn’t asked you yet. When is Prince Alfeld due to return home?”


“…What? Today!?”

“Yes, and I really wanted to see you before I left.”

“Yes. It was good to see you too! Prince Alfeld, I hope you are well at home. I will write to you.”


“Prince Alfeld?”

“Cecilia…you and Kaiser went somewhere during the Harvest Ball and never came back.”

“Huh? Oh, that time…”

Suddenly, Prince Alfeld said something about the ball, and the scene of the kiss in the courtyard popped into my head.

At that moment, my face was hot and I was violently flustered.

I looked away from Prince Alfeld and let my eyes wander restlessly.

Then he stared at me with a blank stare and narrowed his eyes.

I was even more uncomfortable with him, and I reached for the cup on the desk to have a cup of tea to calm myself down.

But I couldn’t grab it when I tried to hold the handle. Because my vision was blurred.

…Huh? I don’t know why it’s so blurry…and I’m so sleepy…

Suddenly, I was so sleepy that I took the hand that reached for my cup, brought it to my forehead, and shook my head to try and get rid of the drowsiness.

But I didn’t feel myself waking up at all, in fact, my body relaxed more and more and I fell onto the couch.

I was so sleepy that my mind was fuzzy, and as I looked at Prince Alfeld out of my blurred vision, I saw that he was looking at me while smiling bewitchingly.

“Al…Prince Alfeld…?”

I whispered softly to myself, wondering what was Prince Alfeld was doing, but finally I had reached my limit and my eyelids began to slowly close.

Then, just before I fell completely unconscious, my body was softly lifted up, and something soft seemed to press against my lips, but I fell into the depths of sleep, and was unable to think about anything else.

“Goodnight…my love.”

And I hadn’t even heard Prince Alfeld’s words that he had whispered so sweetly.


T/N: Okay, using a sleeping drug is taking it wayyyyy to far

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