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Chapter 4: Social Debut

Since then, I have learned a lot about the history of this country and other countries, as well as the various situations in this world through the teachings of Mr. Dimitria.

However, every time Dimitria asked to bring his son Ghislan with him, I refused with all my might.

Still, I felt it was wrong to refuse his request, and more importantly, I had come to look forward to his classes because of his teaching style.

So I continued to take lessons from Mr. Dimitria, avoiding any contact with Ghislan, and along the way the number of etiquette, culture, and dance teachers increased, and I was busily learning the knowledge and behaviors of a nobleman, and three years went by in a blink of an eye and I was six years old.

One day, late at night, I was sitting at my desk in my bedroom, looking at a piece of paper by the light of a lamp.

That paper was the information I had written down when I was three years old about what to do in this world, “Eternal Time With You”.

And the name of the target written on the paper was ‘Prince Kaiser.’

Prince Kaiser Ron Beizelm.

He is 18 years old in the game and has a beautiful face with blond hair to his collarbone and blue eyes that shine like jewels.

He is the first prince and crown prince of the Kingdom of Beizelm.

He is very friendly and has a princely smile on his face at all times.

However, that smile has made it impossible for anyone to understand his true intentions. The truth is that the prince is a black-hearted prince in spite of his gentle appearance.

He doesn’t trust anyone who comes close to him, but on the contrary, he uses those who can.

But when he meets the heroine, he becomes gradually attracted to her kind heart and her character, who didn’t care about his status as a prince.

When he finally became the heroine’s lover, he is ready to condemn Cecilia, his fiancée, who had been upset and attacked her, and he imprisons her and executes her.

By the way, the reason why he got engaged to Cecilia was that when Cecilia participated in a ball held at the royal palace to make her social debut at the age of 6, she first met the prince and fell in love at first sight. She asked her father to force him to become her fiancé.

I looked back at what I had written over and over again and sighed heavily.

After all, Cecilia in the game has too bad of a personality! She uses her parent’s power to get her fiancée position, and because the heroine she’s been torturing so much has gotten together with her fiancé, the prince, she’s upset and attacked her…Of course the prince would choose a cute and kind heroine over such a fiancé, right? The prince who was working behind the scenes to prepare for the execution is also great…but now I can understand why Cecilia has become like that.

As I thought about it, I smiled bitterly as I remembered how much my family and the people who served the Heinz family had spoiled me.

In the first place, my spirit was 27 years old, so I was able to make a calm judgment about those indulgences, and in fact, I felt that I needed to get a grip of myself, but if a normal, innocent child is treated like that, he or she will grow up to be selfish…

I chuckled dryly to myself and hid the paper I was reading again and quietly opened the door to the wardrobe room next to my bedroom.

There was a dress that was prominently displayed.

The dress was a light purple color with layers of lace and was soft and fluffy all over, with small jewels sewn on in places that glistened in the light of the lamp that I was holding.

And near the dress were heels and hair ornaments and accessories of the same color as the dress, ready to be worn at a moment’s notice.

When I saw that, I let out a deep sigh again.

…Finally, tomorrow? Huh~ As for me, I don’t want to go there, but it’s a path I can’t avoid since I was born a nobleman. The debut of a social gathering. And that social debut is the ball held at the royal palace… It’s definitely the ball that Prince Kaiser mentioned in the game that led to his engagement to Cecilia. -Sigh- I don’t want to go. But a nobleman’s child who is 6 years old this year is always going to attend… it can’t be helped! This is a very important first milestone, so we’ve got to get through it at all costs! Yes, a very important barrier to not being engaged to Prince Kaiser!!!!

Yes, I am going to take the path of not getting engaged to Prince Kaiser, whom I will meet at the ball that will be held tomorrow evening.

I’m sure that if the heroine goes down the Prince Kaiser route in the future, if Prince Kaiser doesn’t have a fiancée, she will be able to fall in love with him without worrying about it, and I won’t have to get involved, saving my life.

Furthermore, since I am Prince Kaiser’s fiancée, I will not meet any other men who are to be attacked because I am the fiancée of Prince Kaiser, if I do not become his fiancée, I will not meet any other men and my life will be saved.

Yes! After all, no matter what I think, we’d all be happier if I wasn’t the fiancée! Well, it wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t told my father that I wanted to be Prince Kaiser’s fiancée in the first place…but this is a game world, and you never know what could turn you into a fiancée, so let’s keep Prince Kaiser out of the picture as much as possible! Okay! I’ll do my best tomorrow!!!

With this resolution, I raised my right hand in the air and decided to close the door of the dressing room and go to bed for tomorrow.

In the evening of the next day, a carriage stopped in front of the entrance to the castle and I got out of the carriage in the same dress I had seen the day before, with my brother in formal wear supporting me by the hand.

Then, with my brother’s hand on my arm, I proceeded to the square where the ball was held.

“…Cecilia, you look more beautiful than ever today.”

“Hmm, thank you, brother. Brother also looks very nice too.”

My brother was dressed in a light purple formal attire, the same color as my dress, and his usually hanging bangs were brushed back, giving him a hint of sexiness that made it hard to believe he was 12 years old.

With the exception of a few people, adults are basically not allowed to participate in the ball that is held today.

Participation in the ball is free except for the 6-year-old daughter who is making her social debut and the royal family.

I stood in front of the door to the hall, thankful from the bottom of my heart that my brother had followed me.

He handed the invitation to a man standing near the door, and he read it and announced our names in a loud voice to the inside of the hall.

Then the door slowly opened from inside and we could see a gorgeously decorated ballroom.

It’s true that no matter how many times I’ve seen the atmosphere in the game, the power of the atmosphere is different in real life, and for a moment I was swallowed up by the atmosphere and my feet were hobbled.

“…Cecilia, it’s okay. I’ll be with you. Let’s go.”

“…Yes, brother.”

My brother noticed my nervousness and lightly patted my hand on his arm and smiled gently at me, which helped me to relax and step into the hall with him.

Then, as soon as we entered the hall, we were greeted by a variety of eyes from everywhere.

When I looked around, I saw many of their noble sons and daughters looking at me while talking to each other.

…Wow~ I had expected this, but…aristocratic society is so troublesome~

As I was once again realizing that I was born into a noble family, my brother who was walking next to me came up to me and spoke to me in a whisper.

“…Cecilia, are you alright? If you want, I’ll go say a few words to those guys, okay?”

“Oh, no, it’s okay, brother. I’m prepared for this.”

It seems that my brother, who thought I was frightened by their behavior, was worried about me.

But if I showed my frightened attitude, I would certainly be looked down upon, and at the same time the Heinz family would be looked down upon.

I won’t let that happen!

I took a small, deep breath that they wouldn’t notice, and smiled at the nobles who were whispering around me.

Then they saw my smile and froze for a moment, before their faces colored and they smiled back.

They also turned their gazes to good-natured ones.

“…Cecilia, where did you learn to do that?”

“A smile is one of the arts of the world.”

I smiled at my brother and said that to him, but truthfully, I had been an office worker in a previous life, so I knew all too well that smiling was one way to make friends with people.

“Sometimes Cecilia has a way of thinking that doesn’t seem like she’s still a child, doesn’t she?”


“Well, I don’t feel bad about it. More importantly…stay with me.”

“Yes, of course I will.”

“Then that’s good, but…I’m still glad I came with you. If I’d let you come alone, my little sister would have gotten some strange bugs on her.”

“What? Bugs? But the windows seem to be closed, so it doesn’t look like any bugs are getting in?”

I had been scurrying around to see if there were insects flying around somewhere when my brother said that, but he turned his head in a completely different direction and gave a sharp look with his eyes narrowed.

I was unaware that a few sons, who were following his gaze, had been sneaking away from him with blue faces.

When we entered the hall, the sons and daughters, who had been watching us, gathered and greeted us one by one.

As expected, since we are the son and daughter of the leading noble and ducal household, there are many people who are thinking of taking this opportunity to make an acquaintance and get to know us

In addition, there were a few young ladies among them who were clearly interested in my brother, and they were doing their best to promote themselves to him.

But as if he was used to it, he was able to fend them off with a smile.

As I managed to ride out the wave of greetings with a smile, the announcement of the entrance of the King and Queen, who were the only adults allowed to attend the ceremony, and their son, Prince Kaiser, echoed throughout the hall.

The time has finally come!!!!

I was staring at the door that was slowly opening, listening to the sound of my heart thumping noisily.


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Social Debut

  1. Bro- why is there a social debut for a six year old child?¿ From the hundreds of novels I’ve read so far, their ‘debut’ usually takes place when they are in their teens. And isn’t it kinda embarassing for the king and queen to be amidst imature little children? Aahh, whatever! Still like this novel so thanks for the chap

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