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Chapter 20: The Foreign Prince

The ball at which Prince Leon was to make his debut as a socialite was somehow over, and I was spending the rest of my time in my room, reading at leisure.

Then I received news of a visitor from the maid and moved to the reception room.

When I entered the reception room, Viktor was standing there waiting for me.

“Oh my God, Viktor, I didn’t know you were home.”

“Yes. I just returned from training.”

“That’s good work. Was the training hard?”

“To say it was difficult is an understatement to say the least, but the training was very productive and my staff and I were very happy with it.”

“I see…but if you just got home, you must be tired, and you don’t have to come to my place. Please go home and get some rest.”

“Thank you very much. I am very pleased with your kindness. I have to go back to the castle later to do the paperwork for the expedition training. Princess, this is something I found on the road, and I bought it because I thought it is beautifully embroidered and would look good on you.”

“…Thank you.”

Viktor handed me a flat object wrapped in clean wrapping paper from his pocket, I took it with a twitch of my cheek and opened the wrapping paper to check inside.

“…Ah, thank you for the beautiful handkerchief.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, yes, it’s very nice…but Viktor, as I’ve been saying for a while now, you don’t have to worry about that handkerchief and give one to me again and again.”

That’s right, Viktor gives me a handkerchief every chance he gets as a repayment for the handkerchief I wrapped around his injured hand in the dueling incident two years ago.

To be honest, I am troubled by the fact that he gives me so many handkerchiefs, even though I only helped that one time.

It’s true that a lot of handkerchiefs are not a problem, but Viktor’s over-concern about them makes me tell him to stop his behavior many times.

However, I’m disappointed to say that Viktor won’t stop at all.

“No, because this is still not enough to repay the princess for her kindness at that time!”

“Yeah, well…but not too much, please.”

I asked with a bitter smile on my face, but Viktor didn’t reply to my request with a serious face.

Ah, another handkerchief will be presented to me next time…

I was inwardly convinced by Viktor’s appearance.

“More importantly, Princess, did you feel any particular change while I was gone?”

“Yes…well, it’s just that Prince Leon’s social debut happened while Viktor was away, but that’s just the way it always is…”

“Hey Cecilia! Are you telling the truth when you say you even got Prince Leon!?”

“Lady Cecilia! Are you sure you’re okay? I heard that you were with Prince Leon!”

All of a sudden, Ghislan and Lady Lateia rushed into the reception room with a change in their blood.

“Nah! Ghislan and Lady Lateia! Wait, please calm down!”

“Cecilia, is it true?”

“Lady Cecilia!”

“No, really, please calm down! How did I get Prince Leon in the first place…? I have no idea how you got to that point. To begin with, the game hasn’t even started yet…”


“Oh, no, no, it’s nothing! And the fact that he was making advances to me is a misnomer. It’s true that he called me sister and missed me, but…I think he probably just wanted to call someone sister.”


I explained this to them, but for some reason they looked at each other unconvinced.

Then they started to talk to each other in secret.

“What do you think, Ghislan?”

“I’m pretty sure she just doesn’t realize it.”

“I think so, too.”

“Could you…Could you guys tell me this story?”

“Well, I guess Viktor was in expedition training and didn’t know about it. Well, I wasn’t at this social debut ball either, so I don’t know the details…”

“I will hear from an acquaintance but…”

And so the three of them, face to face, began to sneak out to talk.

What the hell?! Why on earth are they discussing it with such a dubious look on their faces?

As I watched them, I was left alone in a state of bewilderment.

Then more and more visitors arrived in the reception room.

“Hey Cecilia! To play…why are you guys here before me?”

“Kaiser came in with a smile on his face, but when he saw Ghislan and the others, he immediately looked unhappy.”

“Ah, Prince Kaiser, you’ve come to a good place! Let me ask you something…”

“Brother! Please don’t go ahead of me!”

Ghislan was about to ask Kaiser something when suddenly he heard such a voice from outside the door and Prince Leon came rushing into the reception room, his cheeks puffed out.

“Huh? Prince Leon!”

“…Cecilia, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that Leon was going with me.”

“Sister Cecilia! I’ve missed you!”

In contrast to Kaiser, who was apologetic, when Prince Leon spotted me, his face broke into a happy smile and he ran to me with his arms outstretched and hugged me with the same vigor.


At that moment, four people, except for me and Prince Leon, raised such a voice at the same time.

I was startled by everyone’s voice, and for some reason I looked at the four of them with Prince Leon holding me, and for some reason they looked very unhappy.

Hey, why do you all look like that?

As I was puzzled by the four of them, Prince Leon, who was hugging me, looked up at me, smiling and laughing.

“Hey, hey, Sister Cecilia! Come play with me!”

“What? No, Prince Leon, I’m afraid there are other people here as well, so that’s not really…”

“Eh! I’d like to play with my Sister Cecilia alone!”

With that, Prince Leon puffed out his cheeks and gave me a disgruntled look, and I looked at the four of them in bewilderment as if to ask for help, and for some reason, Kaiser was surrounded by the three of them as if he was being crowded in.

“Prince Kaiser, that is your brother! Do something about it!”

“I’m trying to do things, but it’s not working!”

“My Lady Cecilia is in trouble! After all, I can’t leave Cecilia-sama to Prince Kaiser!”

“Cecilia is not Miss Lateia’s property, she is mine!”


“Ghislan and Miss Lateia, don’t be so scary-looking and stuffed! And please don’t let Viktor put that silent pressure on me!”

“Prince Kaiser…I asked you to do a favor for the princess while I was gone…what is this all about?”

“Wow, even I wasn’t expecting this!”

I couldn’t hear what was going on, but I could tell that Kaiser was unusually upset.

Afterwards, Kaiser pulled Prince Leon away from me, but for some reason, I was really fed up with the situation as the population had grown even more.

When the situation finally settled down, Kaiser spoke to me with an expression as if he remembered something.

“Oh yes, Cecilia, the prince of our allied country will be coming to visit us in three days, so please attend the audience.”

“What? I am to be in attendance too? And the prince of an allied country?”

“Yes, the prince and I have been writing to each other for some years now and have become good friends, but he says he is coming to see my country. Well, it is a country across the sea and it will take him three days to get here.”

“…a prince of our allies, a nation across the sea…”


“Kaiser…what was this prince’s name?”

“The Prince’s name? He’s Prince Alfeld. He’s the Crown Prince of our ally, the Molvarado Empire.”

I wanted to hold my head down and roar at Kaiser’s words without a care in the world.

Do I have to meet the last capture target!?!?

That’s what I was screaming in my mind.

Alfeld La Molvarado

He is a bewitching beauty with brown skin and long, beautiful white hair down to his waist, braided in a braid, and his eyes are a jewel-red color. He is 20 years old in the game.

He is the crown prince of a desert country and always wears white, foot-length clothing that resembles the Arab dress of Kandura.

He also wears a large white scarf that reaches his waist and is tied to his head with a black cord, which basically hides his hair.

He is a womanizer and has a high defense, and will talk to anyone.

The reason for this is that he is looking for his own women to enter his harem for himself.

The founders of the Molvarado Empire were originally bandits, and the idea of taking what they want is still ingrained in them.

When the prince met the heroine, he tried to seduce her immediately, but she didn’t take him up on it at all.

Then the prince became interested in a type of heroine that had never existed before, and while he was trying his best to win her over, he fell for her.

After that, he agreed to love the heroine alone and they finally became lovers.

However, in order to return to the prince’s home country together, Cecilia, who was hiding on the return ship, attacked and tried to push the heroine into the sea as it was, so the prince stopped it and instead Cecilia fell into the sea and was attacked by a shark and eaten.

I could only smile blankly as I remembered one of my consequences.

It would be like that movie I saw in a previous life where a man was eaten by a shark…

With that in mind, I was on my way to the audience room with Kaiser.

“Cecilia, what has happened to you? You look somewhat unhappy, don’t you?”

“No, nothing…More importantly, what did Prince Alfeld say?”

“Hmm…I can’t say for sure, as I’ve never met him, just by letters, but I thought he was very pleasant from the letters. He just wanted to know about the women of this country inexplicably…”

I was convinced by Kaiser’s words, which he had said curiously, that he was apparently already a womanizer at this age inwardly.

…Maybe it was the part that wasn’t depicted in the game, Cecilia was being seduced by Prince Alfeld and took it seriously…So even though she had a fiancée named Kaiser, she was still interfering with the heroine who was getting along with Prince Alfeld in a great way…

For some reason, I was now convinced that the picture of Cecilia standing when I entered the Prince Alfeld route was becoming more and more frightening than the other routes.

When I remembered that, we were already in the audience room, so I decided to pass this audience quietly and unobtrusively without being noticed by Prince Alfeld for now.

Then I entered the audience room and greeted the King and Queen on the throne and the Queen’s seat on the platform first, and then moved to the seat for Kaiser and me that had been prepared behind the King and Queen.

Then I was puzzled to see Prince Leon, who was already seated on the right side of a tripod-lined chair.

Huh? I was told that me and Kaiser would sit side by side on the King’s side, and Prince Leon would sit alone on the Queen’s side with the King and Queen in between?

As I was thinking this, Prince Leon got out of his chair with a smile on his face and pulled my hand away as he came to my bottom.

“I—I asked him to move my chair because I prefer to be next to Sister Cecilia!”

“What?…Kaiser, is this okay?”

“Hah~ It’s not really good…It’s just that there doesn’t seem to be much time left, and this time there’s no choice. But Leon, you mustn’t bother Cecilia during the audience!”


So for some reason I had to sit in a chair between the two princes.

It was announced throughout the audience that Prince Alfeld would soon enter the room as soon as we were fully seated.

I was staring at the doors of the audience chamber, which were slowly opening, listening to my heart thumping, when Prince Alfeld, dressed in all-white clothes and a large scarf on his head, came in with a large number of retainers behind him, carrying various offerings.

When he came to the bottom of the platform, he greeted them with his hands on his chest and his head bowed.

“I am Alfeld La Molvarado. It is a pleasure to meet you for the first time.”

Then he looked up and smiled bewitchingly.


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