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Chapter 19: Leon Ron Beizelm

Leon POV

I was born in this world as the second prince of the Kingdom of Beizelm.

As the second prince, I have an older brother, Kaiser, who is two years older than me and the first prince.

I’m very proud of my older brother Kaiser, who is a man of words and strength, with fine eyebrows and a beautiful smile.

So naturally, I imitated him and smiled at everyone, and they thought I was cute, and started to listen to me and pay attention to what I said.

It was there that I learned to use my smile to my advantage.

But…the people who said I was cute and cuddly cared for me, but as soon as my brother appeared, they left me and went to him.

…Why don’t they just look at me?

As these feelings piled up, I gradually began to lose faith in everyone’s words, so I decided to smile and use them to my advantage.

Then one day, among the offerings to my father, I found something very interesting.

It was a beautiful red stone that sparkled when it was illuminated.

I liked the stone at first sight and asked my father to give it to me.

I asked him to call the man who had given the stone to me, and he told me the details of the stone.

From then on, I was hooked on minerals, and using my smile, I began to collect various ones.

The first red ore I encountered, Red Beryl, was processed, and I wore it around my neck from start to finish as a necklace.

I showed the necklace to people from time to time and tried to talk about the mineral, but no one knew about the Red Beryl, they just said it was a beautiful gemstone and the same thing was said.

I lost interest in showing it to everyone and decided to enjoy it on my own.

One day, I was told by my brother that he had decided on a fiancée, but I wasn’t very interested in that either.

It’s not surprising that my brother will succeed father as king in the future, so it’s not surprising that he has a fiancée now. Besides, I’m sure his fiancée is probably happier than ever to be engaged to my brother anyway.

I was so disinterested that I forgot the name of my brother’s fiancée as soon as I thought about it.

Two years later, when I was six years old, my debut day in the social world had arrived.

I noticed that my older brother, who had just been with me, was gone, and I looked around the room as I scurried around.

“Leon, what’s going on?”

“Father, where has brother gone?”

“Yeah, he probably went to his fiancée’s or something.”

“Fiancée? Is she here today by any chance?”

“Oh yes. I mean, it’s a basic requirement that the fiancée accompany Kaiser to any ball or ceremony he attends.”

“Yeah…I’m going to go find my brother because I still want to talk to him!”

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to find my way out of the room to look for my brother, because I’m not comfortable being away from him.

After confirming the destination of my brother, I finally arrived at the room.

I’d be able to find your brother in the room, and when I opened the door, I found him relaxing inside the room.

“Ah! Brother, there you are!”

I said that and puffed up my cheeks to show my bad mood.

I’m not going to be the only one who has been in a good mood.


I whispered a name that I had heard from my brother, and he introduced me to the young lady beside him with a look of reminiscence.

It was through that brother’s introduction that I saw my brother’s fiancée for the first time.

…Wow~ Her eyes are as beautiful as amethysts~

So I thought of the amethyst ore in my collection and stared at his fiancée.

Then, at my urging, I said my name and called his fiancée “Sister Cecilia.”

Well, first of all, no one ever makes an unpleasant face when they are called sister by me, right?

I was puzzled by calling her ‘Sister’ while thinking that in my heart, and I deliberately turned to Cecilia-sama with an anxious face.

Then, as expected, she made a face that said she had no choice but to do so, but she looked somewhat happy.

Hmph, easy, easy!!!

I giggled in my mind and hugged Cecilia-sama tightly, giving her my usual smile to finish the job.

Yes! There isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t fall for this! In the meantime, I’m sure it will come in handy in many ways if I get along with brother’s fiancée!

I was sure that this Cecilia sister has the same debauched look on her face that I’ve seen on many of my maids, so that’s why her reaction seemed so different from what I expected.

For some reason, Cecilia-sama had a bitter smile on her face and didn’t look happy at all.

When I saw that face, my smile slipped away and I stared at Cecilia-sama.

“…Sister Cecilia, don’t you feel anything when I hug you?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t feel anything. So could you let go of me soon, please?”


I didn’t expect someone to react that way, so I frowned for a moment and blurted out what I was thinking.

Oops! What did you do to me?

But even though I think she heard my words like that, for some reason Sister Cecilia looked at me with a bitter smile on her face without revealing her disgust.

As I was puzzled by Cecilia’s unexpected reaction, Cecilia noticed something and looked at my chest intently.

And then Cecilia-sama said something I hadn’t imagined coming out of her mouth.

“Huh?…It’s a Red Beryl, isn’t it?”


I didn’t expect Cecilia to tell me the name of the ore in this necklace, so I was blindsided with surprise.

She even knew about the “red emerald” and “scarlet emerald”, another name for this ore, and said that it was a rare ore.

I was surprised that someone had guessed the name of this ore, and when I asked her if she knew about other minerals, Cecilia was puzzled, but she affirmed it.

At that moment, I was very excited to meet the first person I could talk to about minerals.

I was about to ask Cecilia about them with an excited look on my face, but my brother interrupted me.

My brother forced me to the maid who had come to pick me up from Cecilia sister. I was very dissatisfied with that, but reluctantly returned to my father because I thought that if I didn’t attend the ball, it would cause trouble for him

But before that, I had to say something to Cecilia-sama, so I turned around near the door and said to her,

“Sister Cecilia…I’ll see you later.”

I gave her a smile.

Sister Cecilia…I’ll definitely have you talk alone with me.

I grinned to myself.

When I returned to my room, I moved to the entrance of the hall to go to the ball.

Everyone was gathered together.

As soon as I saw them, a very unpleasant feeling came up from the back of my mind.

The first time I was confused by this sensation, but I decided not to think about it too much and approached Cecilia with the joy of seeing her.

“I wish you’d enter with me!”

With that, I grabbed Cecilia’s hand and gave her my usual smile and tried to make my very serious wish come true.

But after all, this smile didn’t seem to work on Cecilia-sama, and she didn’t say anything with a troubled expression on her face.

Then, my brother removed her hand from mine again.

As expected, when I looked at my brother with a muffled look, he smiled at me, but his eyes weren’t laughing at all..

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that I’m not going to be able to get my hands on any of these things.

But my brother…

“Cecilia is my fiancée, after all.”


My heart squeezed tightly at those words.

That’s right…Sister Cecilia is my brother’s fiancée…but…but…!

I puffed out my cheeks with a dissatisfied expression on my face, unconvinced that Sister Cecilia was my brother’s fiancée, even after all this time.

In the meantime, it was time for me to enter the hall. I gave up and went into the hall with my father and the others, and greeted the young ladies who were already there and gave them my usual smile.

Then after I greeted everyone, my brother’s smile made them turn their attention from me to him in no time.

I was so frustrated by this usual situation that I bit my lip and squeezed the hem of my clothes so that no one would notice.

After all, everyone prefers older brother…

But then I felt a look from nearby and glanced at Cecilia-sama, and she was looking at me with a complicated expression.

I’m not sure if Cecilia-sama understands me or not. And she hasn’t shown any interest in that brother’s smile…Oh, I knew you were good, Cecilia-sama!

I stared at Cecilia, who took her gaze off me and smiled at me.

After that, many young ladies came to greet me, but I wasn’t interested in them at all anymore, so I just smiled face-to-face and passed them by.

I was annoyed that I couldn’t get to Sister Cecilia’s place because they were so persistent.

Furthermore, the fact that my brother was dancing a lot with Sister Cecilia was also very annoying.

So when I saw them move out of the dance circle, I turned my big smile to the ladies who had surrounded them.

“I’m sorry. I want to go to my brother’s side for a while.”

When I said this, the ladies were fascinated by my smile and shook their heads many times in silence.

After smiling at the daughters again, I quickly headed to Cecilia.

And then I went to her, who had not yet noticed me, from behind and hugged her with all my might.

“Sister Cecilia! There you are!”

“Prince Leon! As expected, could you please stop hugging me in this place?”

It’s a good thing to see Cecilia’s sister so upset, but I had no intention of leaving her.

So I deliberately appealed to Cecilia with watery eyes, but as expected, this seemed to have an effect, and she gave up with a slumped shoulder.

But Cecilia said that if I don’t let her go, she won’t like me, so I reluctantly let her go, as expected.

However, I had no intention of leaving Cecilia, so I took the position next to her. As expected, my older brother seemed to give up after seeing me.

I have to be able to find a way to make the most of my time in the world to get the most out of it.

I’m not going to let her go.

Then I noticed that Cecilia’s sister had a plate in her hand that was empty.

“Sister Cecilia! Have you been eating something by any chance?”

“I was thinking of eating now. If you would be so inclined, will Prince Leon also eat?”

“Yes! I’ll eat!”

I moved faster than my older brother who tried to get in the way, pulled Cecilia’s arm and said more and more of what I wanted to eat.

Then, when the dish was filled with food, Cecilia tried to give it to me, so I dared not receive it. Because I wanted Cecilia to feed me. When I said that, Cecilia made a surprised voice.

“Leon! As expected, that’s no good, because I haven’t done that either!”

“Yeah, well…so brother’s not there yet…”

When I heard my brother’s words, I smiled and felt more and more that I wanted to ask Cecilia to feed me.

And so I managed to forcefully ask a perplexed Cecilia-sama to let me eat it.

Hmm~! The best food I’ve ever eaten that Sister Cecilia has fed me!!!!

As I swallowed the hamburger in my mouth, chewing on that happiness, I felt the desire to feed it to my Sister Cecilia this time.

”Then next time I’ll feed you, Sister Cecilia!”

“What? No, I’m not…”

When Cecilia tried to refuse, I quickly took the plate with the food from her hand and put the rest of the hamburger I had just eaten from the plate into the fork and held it out to her mouth.

Then I patiently held it out to the bewildered Cecilia’s mouth, and finally she gave up on it and opened her pretty mouth to eat it.

The expression on Cecilia’s face changed in an instant, and she ate happily, with her hands on her cheeks and a smile on her face.

The moment I saw Cecilia’s expression, I felt a bolt of lightning pass through my body and I couldn’t take my eyes off Cecilia’s face with a fawning expression.

“…Sister Cecilia, you’re so cute.”

I couldn’t help but whisper to myself as I stared at her.

Oh Cecilia…I want her.

The desire for more dominated my mind, and I could only look at Sister Cecilia, smiling and laughing as I tried to get her to eat more food.

But Sister Cecilia refused, shaking her head with a red face.

“Wait, wait a minute! Prince Leon! Please! I’m so embarrassed I’ll eat more of it myself!”

“Mmm…I would have liked to feed you more…Oh, I see, so long as it wasn’t an embarrassing place. Damn, why didn’t I make a place where you can be alone with me…”

I thought the idea sounded like a great one.

Yes! I’ll make a room for you, Sister Cecilia.

I smiled to myself as I imagined a room for Sister Cecilia, and I smiled to myself.


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